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Main services

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  • Insights

    Identifying trends
    Learning about new technologies
    Business models and startups

  • Ecosystems

    Building new or joining existing ecosystems
    Getting value from internal (Intrapreneurship)
    External ecosystems (Open Innovation)

  • Corporate Venturing

    Incorporating new ideas,
    talent and business models
    from the ecosystem

  • Innovation Strategy & Future Foresight

    Building a vision of the future
    Designing a strategy to reach it
    and planning how to implement it

  • Digital & Agile Transformation

    Designing and deploying NWW
    New processes to build a more
    agile organization

  • Culture & Engagement

    Building a culture
    and an employee +
    client experience

  • Service & Business Design

    Going form an idea to an MVP

  • Prototyping, UX&UI & Development

    Going from an MVP to a prototype:
    UX/UI, Front-end Design
    Back-end Development

  • Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing

    Creating a go-to-market strategy
    and its implementation
    From MVP to New Venture

  • Architecture

    PMO and architecture
    Data gov. and stewardship

  • Cloud

    AWS, Salesforce
    Workday, Microsoft

  • Outsourcing

    Staff augmentation
    Team Outsourcing


  • Healthcare

  • Sustainability

  • Energy & Infraestructures

  • Public Sector

  • Retail & Consumer goods

How we work

Open your company up to the digital age. We can connect your business to our network of more than 50,000 innovation, transformation and technology experts, overseen by Opinno-trained and certified project managers


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